Project Inclusions


The blind population in the world amounts to a massive 39 million of which 5 million are from India alone. Disability has been a cause of alienation for communities across the world and with increasing dependence on virtual and visual technologies, some people are being left out.

What we do?

We identified the lack of inclusivity in the lives of the visually impaired community and resolved to make their life better, one step at a time. Despite India being home to the largest blind population in the world, the community faces difficulties and discrimination in fundamental activities of daily life like navigation, monetary transactions, and seeking employment. Lack of accessible education and a serious sense of distrust in society are two key challenges they face on a daily basis. When we interacted with blind people, it took some chatting about erratic weather and Bollywood music before they shared some potent problems. Across different age groups, one common and uncontested challenge emerged - the struggle with recognizing currency notes particularly post demonetization. This one unfortunate consequence of the monetary policy left them more excluded than ever before and we knew we had to tackle it before we moved on to other issues. From the beginning of the project, we started to gather insights primarily and secondarily. Brainstorming and discussions have been done to analyze our findings. We interacted with more than 200 VI (Visually I mpaired) people from students to pensioners. Visited more than 10 institutions and organisations for the VIs in Delhi NCR. Interacting with professors and laboratory experts. Through extensive secondary research, we collected and analyzed data on existing solutions and technologies. We have analysed the current market and users extensively and are now looking forward to serving our target market.